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"People had a good time drinking our beer"

- Christoph Bichler, Head of Brewing, Bierol

A collection of inspiring stories from an outstanding group of beer lovers around the world

Take a trip around the world and join your favorite brewers on their journey to produce world-class craft beer. 

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BEER_press_stills_FM_ - 2 beer my art

"I don't paint, beer is my art"

Peter Bouckaert, former brewmaster New Belgium, Purpose Brewing & Cellars on his approach

BEER_press_stills_FM_ - 36 hurt you

"We're going to have to hurt you"

Steve Hindy, Co-Founder and Chairman, Brooklyn Brewery discusses his beginnings

BEER_press_stills_FM_ - 71 traveling

Traveling the world drinking beer 

Beer lovers meet in the greatest places - and bond over a beer. Visit some really cool breweries