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It's time for the Untappd Derby

On your mark... get set... go!

We're pitting Untappd's most popular beer styles in a head-to-head race.

Want to see your favorite style win? 

From April 29th until May 1st, use Untappd to check-in your favorite beer styles. At the end of the race, the style with the most check-ins will be declared the winner.

Want the official Untappd Derby badge? 

Check-in any of the participating styles during the date range above to earn the badge! Learn more about how to earn the badge from our blog.

Cheers to our sponsor, Hidden Springs Ale Works! 

Hidden Springs Ale Works in Tampa, FL has many notable beers, but this derby is celebrating their bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with churros and vanilla, March of The Damned, that boasts a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Untappd. 

This year's release, previously available on Oznr, was aged in Four Roses barrels -- no mint, but you'll still get all that bourbon flavor!

Cheers to Hidden Springs Ale Works and all of the jockeys out there for participating in the 2021 Untappd Derby. 

2021 Untappd Derby Winner - Princess Pucker (Sour Ale)

Princess Pucker was our leader out of the gate and never looked back to register an upset against race favorite Double Barrel. 

Winner: Princess Pucker (Sour Ale) - 70,345 check-ins

Place: Double Barrel (Stout) - 66,906 check-ins

Show: Ms. Original (Lager) - 55,754 check-ins

2021_UTC_Derby_350x350 (1)

Haze for Days (2-1) [Disqualified - Juicing]

Style: IPA

Former winner of the Hop Culture and BeerAdvocate Stakes, Haze for Days was originally the 2021 favorite for the Untappd Derby. 


Double Barrel (10-1)

Style: Stout

With her sheer bay coat, Double Barrel is a showstopper with horsepower. Watch for the deep girth and powerful kick. 


Princess Pucker (12-1) 

Style: Sour

A graceful performer with a red roan coat, Princess Pucker holds an established Belgian pedigree. 


The Pale King (16-1) 

Style: Pale Ale

One of the younger horses in the Derby, the dappled coat on this beautiful appaloosa also makes it one of the most popular.


Ms. Original (20-1) 

Style: Lager

This all-American quarter horse is quick, lean, and great at short distances. Getting old but a favorite amongst jockeys.


Le Gagnon (30-1) 

Style: Belgian

Like Princess Pucker, Le Gagnon hails from Belgium, where he took first place during his last race at the Hippodrome Wellington in Ostend. 


Lightly Hoppy (30-1) 

Style: Pilsner

A confident, proud Bavarian warmblood with youthful energy and a long stride. Look for the crowned shield outside the letter "B" on the left thigh.


Dark and Roasty (50-1) 

Style: Porter

An English thoroughbred descended from the famed Desert Orchid, unlikely winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Irish Grand National, and King George VI Chase.


Orange Slice (60-1) 

Style: Wheat

A blue roan with a unique orange streak through its mane. Not as popular in recent years but still a serious contender. 


Barnyard Funk (80-1) 

Style: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

This old pony smells like a horse blanket, but for good reason. Although he has no hope of winning, people love him anyways.