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Roll with the punches. Adapt. Pivot. These are phrases and words we thought we might have a chance to leave behind last year. Instead, for the past twelve months, the global pandemic has continued to place hurdles on the path to recovery for breweries, bars, bottleshops, brewpubs, restaurants, and more. And has largely dictated what the craft beer industry will look like heading into 2022.

While the future for the beverage industry may seem a little hazy, one thing is clear: Craft beer will persevere. Brewers and business owners are plowing forward, innovating and finding new ways to survive. And hopefully, in 2022, not just survive but thrive.

As we look ahead to a new year, we put together a guide featuring six articles on the top ways to drive business in 2022. From starting a mug club to the top bar trends here are the strategies we recommend to continue to drive revenue and boost your bottom line this year.



Table of Contents:

  • The New Happy Hour? (Exclusive eBook Content)
  • Mug Club Guide - What To Consider For Your Brewery
  • Best Bar Games For Your Bar or Brewery
  • Cocktails On Tap
  • The 6 Best Happy Hour Ideas
  • The 6 Best Bar Trends of 2022
  • The 5 Best Brewery and Bar Events of 2022

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